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New Hope Scholarship Foundation is a state authorized School Tuition Organization approved to facilitate the redirection of tax dollars into Arizona’s Corporate Low-Income Tuition Tax Credit Program

Since 2006, Arizona’s business community has been allowed to participate in providing school choice options for students in Arizona.

See how your business can help to empower children to obtain a K-12 private school education through a P&L neutral tax credit transaction.


How it Works for Businesses

  • C-Corporations, S-Corporations, and Insurance Companies that pay Premium Taxes may participate in the Corporate Tuition Tax Credit Program. LLC entities that are taxed as S-Corporations are also eligible.
  • Participating businesses receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against their Arizona Corporate Tax Liability.
  • Business contacts New Hope Scholarship Foundation (New Hope) to donate and completes the Corporate Donation Form.
  • Corporate donor may recommend a specific participating school but not individual students.  Eligible students must meet a state defined low income threshold.
  • For fiscal year 2020-2021, the Corporate Credit Aggregate Cap is $123M. The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) must pre-approve each corporate donation request to monitor the annual aggregate cap.
  • ADOR opens the approval process for fiscal year 2021 donations on July 6th, 2021.  Interested businesses should contact New Hope prior to June 30th, 2021 for this opening approval cycle. (For fiscal year 2019-2020, the cap was not met.)
  • Corporate donations must be at least $5,000. There is no limit to the donation maximum other than it must be approved by the ADOR and under the annual fiscal year aggregate cap.
  • New Hope Scholarship Foundation submits donation applications to the ADOR for approval as directed by the state.
  • ADOR has 20 days to approve or deny the corporate donation request based on the annual cap limit.  If the aggregate cap is met, a Waitlist based on the order of submitted applications is created by the ADOR.
  • ADOR discloses the approval status of the donation application request to New Hope Scholarship Foundation.
  • New Hope Scholarship  notifies the business of their approval status. If approved, the business then has 20 days to make the credit donation to New Hope.  If the donation is not made within the 20-day period, the ADOR approval is voided.
  • If the ADOR annual aggregate cap is not met in July, additional approval cycles will open based on the credit available under the cap.  New Hope will continue to accept Corporate Donation Form Requests until the annual cap is met.
  • New Hope issues a receipt to the corporate donor. The receipt is then used by the business to claim the corporate credit.
  • Credit is to be claimed in the tax year in which the contribution is given.
  • Any unused corporate donation credit may be carried over up to five additional years.
  • ADOR Form 335 is used in claiming the credit.
  • In 2006, Arizona implemented the Low-Income Corporate Tax Credit. (ARS 43-1183 & 43-1089.04)  For more information, see ADOR website.

How it Works for Students

  • Apply for your student. Only one annual application per student is required for participation in all credit programs.  See Apply Now for the current application.
  • Student Eligibility: Students with low to modest household income are only eligible for participation.  (Example: Below ~ $85,000 for a household of 4)
  • Eligible students must meet a state defined financial need metric and one other qualifier:
    • Kindergarten student
    • Transfer student from an Arizona public school
    • Military dependent
    • Prior recipient of an Individual or Corporate Tax Credit Award
    • Tuition awards are only made as funding is available.


Here are just a few reviews from people who we have worked with…


“We could not have done it without you and your organization. Our boy has graduated from his private school and is on to life’s next adventure!” – Jim A. 

“NewHope gave us hope! Because of the scholarship my daughter received, she is building a foundation for the rest of her life.” – Kimberly P. 

“Your team is so professional and kind. You helped us understand how we can help without costing our comapny anything beyond what we would have had to pay in state taxes.  I love that my company can give to the future of our community in a meaningful way.” 

Karen (business owner) 

“I have no kids of my own but I know the value of a good education. NewHope provided me a way to show I care and reduce my taxes at the same time. Thank you.” – Adam D.